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Hi, my name is Sabas Flores. Founder of is a dream that began when I was a young boy.  I grew up in a little village in Honduras; though I lived in a loving home, we were very poor, lived in a house without electricity, and struggled to make ends meet. When I was a mere seven years old I didn’t have leather shoes. My father, a farmer, took me to the market. I was wearing my rubber boots, with no socks, in 103-degree weather; it was there that I saw the most beautiful pair of leather boots I had ever seen.  I asked my father if I could get a pair of boots like the ones I saw, and he responded, “How son?  We don’t have money.  But when you work hard, you will make enough money to be able to buy them.”  His statement has been my motivation all this years.

My vision for this company is with each product you purchase, will give to a child in need.

Words cannot express our gratitude. We here at truly appreciate your support. Small businesses like ours depend on the patronage of customers like you.

Thank you for your support!

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